Thursday 30 November 2023

The Goals and Objectives

  • Excellence in Education and Research
  • To create, preserve & disseminate knowledge
  • To impart higher education with quality and social relevance
  • To inculcate amongst students a sense of discipline and dedication
  • To pursue high quality research in diverse fields
  • To give priorities to studies of frontier problems concerning national economy, social development and defense
  • To emphasis interdisciplinary research
  • To establish academic links and scientific cooperation with national and international institutions
  • To create and strengthen of infrastructure through R&D projects

The University aims to impart higher education with quality and social relevance. It provides academic and research facilities in various streams to the students studying in University Departments, university Constituent Colleges and Affiliated Colleges/Institutions. University of Rajasthan offers 37 Ph.D. Programs, 20 M.Phil courses, 48 Master degree courses, and 14 Bachelor degree courses. Besides focusing on dissemination of knowledge and search for excellence in teaching and research, the University prepares the students as good future citizens and endeavors to inculcate amongst them a sense of discipline and dedication. The University is transforming its curricular activities keeping in view the recent trends of development.

The University generates cost effective resources to achieve financial self-sufficiency. Self financing courses are offered both at U.G. and P.G. level. Being both teaching and affiliating University, it ensures equitable distribution of facilities for higher education in different parts of the state under its jurisdiction.

The University encourages its teachers to undertake research activities and gives financial support to attend seminars and workshops. Financial grants are also given for Organizing Conferences. Interdisciplinary approach and collaborative research are being encouraged to achieve excellence in education.