Thursday 30 November 2023

Eligibility, Target Group and Duration

Name Lecturers working in universities and colleges that are included under Section 2(f) of the UGC Act, even though they may not yet be fit under Section 12 (B), may be invited to participate in the orientation and refresher courses. The teachers of colleges that do not yet come within the purview of Section 2(f), but have been affiliated to a university for at least five years, will be permitted to participate in the courses.

For orientation programmes, newly appointed lecturers up to six years of continuous service and all those teachers who require orientation for getting a higher grade will be allowed. Attendance should be a condition for confirmation and the same course will be counted for promotion to a senior scale.

For the refresher course, participation in the orientation programme is a prerequisite for admission. The teacher may opt for a refresher course after a one-year gap following an orientation course. Also, there should be a minimum gap of one year between two refresher courses, though it may be relaxed if an adequate number of participants is not available or it is essential for the teacher to fulfil eligibility conditions for career advancement.

The eligibility for attending refresher course for teachers who have not attended earlier orientation course has been reduced to two years from five. For orientation programme in IT, newly appointed teachers with up to six years of service and all those teachers who require orientation programme/refresher course for getting higher grade under career advancement scheme, irrespective of their subject/discipline, are allowed.

The orientation programme will be of four weeks duration, with minimum of 24 working days and 144 contact hours (six hours a day). The refresher course will be of three weeks duration, with minimum of 18 working days and 108 contact hours (six hours a day) excluding Sundays. The first three weeks in the orientation programme will be devoted to IT. The fourth week will be for general orientation for newly appointed lecturers.

However, the duration of the course for in-service teachers attending the programme for acquiring higher grade under the career advancement scheme will be three weeks only, that is, 18 working days and 108 contact hours. Teachers who have already the attended orientation/refresher course may be encouraged to attend the orientation programme in IT. Ad hoc/temporary teachers who have been working for at least one year as lecturers may be permitted to participate in the orientation programme.

However, part-time teachers are not eligible. Universities and colleges will allow interested teachers to attend UGC-ASC/RCC courses based on their eligibility. Otherwise valid reasons will have to be intimated to the teacher concerned, as the courses organised for their teachers will ultimately benefit the university and college. Temporary arrangement in place of teacher deputed for such courses may be made by internal adjustment if required. However, it may not be possible for the Commission to provide any additional grant to pay either honorarium or salary of the substitute, if appointed.

Permission to Attend Refresher Courses During the Period of the Teacher's Fellowship

Teachers' fellowships as well as refresher courses/orientation courses are meant for professional development. A teacher interested in attending refresher courses (as per the requirements of career advancement) during the period of fellowship should not be denied the opportunity as it supplements his/her professional development. Therefore, the UGC has decided to permit the teacher fellow to attend a refresher course provided:

  1. He/she surrenders living expenses for the period he/she is attending the refresher course, and agrees to submit to the ASC/RCC an undertaking to this effect through the concerned research centre before joining the course.
  2. The refresher course is attended in the subject that is relevant to his/her research.
  3. No extension in the teacher fellowship is sought on these grounds.