Thursday 30 November 2023


  • Promotion of excellence in education and research by inculcating independent critical thought and scientific temper
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary researches on convergence of science and technologies.
  • Pursuit of high quality researches pertaining to economy, social development, languages, arts, culture, energy and environment
  • Establishment and expansion of academic links and research collaborations with national and international institutions.
  • Creation and strengthening of infrastructure for global competence
  • Critical analysis of existing social hierarchies and construction of new models of sustainable development, equity and gender justice
  • Preparing students for careers in sciences, humanities, commerce, management, fine arts and sports


University of Rajasthan is dedicated to the service of youth, Society and Country and declares adherence to academic freedom, progressive instruction, creative scholarship, goodwill among nations and constructive leadership by providing a rich and stimulating academic environment in order to promote creative and scholarly academic pursuits among its faculty and to equip students with the knowledge, skills, sound moral values, and an appreciation of science, social science, arts and culture that would prepare them to become productive and innovative professionals with a commitment to nation building in the context of one world.